Hello. I am a designer. That’s what I do. I design things and make them look appealing and attractive. I do it to things you can print, or things you view on-screen. I play with colour and typography to convince you to want to read its message. Its not a trick. People are simply attracted to things that look good.

I am also a painter. I do that to things on canvas or paper.

I have been a designer for well over 10 years. I was around when the mac was an SE. Now, I’ve seen old SEs turned into aquariums for fish, or grow bulbs added to make them into terrariums for cactus and other small plants.

As for the painter, I will be that forever. When I am old and crippled, just like salmon driven to swim upstream, I will still be driven to paint. Its almost as bad as being a crack addict… perhaps worse.


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